About the Project

The Muskegon Area Transit System is investigating a new Muskegon Heights Passenger Facility!

A Siting and Conceptual Design Study is underway, which will review potential sites and design for a new passenger facility in the downtown Muskegon Heights area. The goal is to understand the community’s needs and desires, and MATS’ role in helping to achieve them. As part of the study, MATS is seeking input and information from local governments, area agencies and organizations, and importantly, the users and neighbors of MATS.

Please stay tuned to this site for more information! Two community engagement meetings will be held, and your participation is welcome and necessary for a successful project. The first, announced below, is geared toward gathering a broad understanding of those needs and desires. The second, which will occur later in the project process, will reveal options and provide information about the project’s findings.

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6-7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 11 2017

The information gathered at this Community Engagement Meeting will be used to inform the consultants and the Project Management Team (PMT) in selecting a recommended final site and what design elements it will include. The Community Engagement Meeting will be informational and include display boards as well as interactive activities. There will not be a formal presentation, so you are invited to attend at any time during the 6–7:30 pm period. Light refreshments will be served, and childcare will be provided.

Can’t make the meeting? We’d still like to hear from you! Answer our questionnaire by clicking here.


As work products are created, they will appear here. Stay tuned!